Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oyin Handmade to Arrive at Target Spring 2014

Oyin Handmade is slated to make its Target debut next Spring! How exciting is that? Oyin isn't a "new kid on the block" by far in the naturally textured hair community. Many of us have purchased their products via select specialty stores (like Naturally Me Hair Store in B.R.) and online, for some time. Honey Hemp Conditioner is one of my faves, while Burnt Sugar Pomade is a fave of the hubby's. I truly hope that one of the Baton Rouge Target Super Centers is on their list of carriers! Congratulations Jamyla, Pierre and the honeybees!

Have you treated your curls to Oyin? If so, what's your favorite product from the line??



vanessa atlantis said...

Hey CurlyHue!Did u notice any flaking in the morning after using the Eco styler-Blue magic mix?And what was the ratio of this mix?

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