Monday, November 21, 2011

Mixtress Monday: I Slayed the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Monster

Have you ever had a product or brand that you really wanted to like but no matter how or when you used it, the results were less than great? Yep, that was Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I. Whether I used a little or a lot, on my dry or wet hair, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie laughed in my face with creamy white balls of product.

Allie's hair took to the Curl Enhancing Smoothie like a champ at first application. Giving her twistout great moisture, softness & definition. I wanted to love Shea Moisture and be able to rave about its great price point, ingredients and results, but those pesky white balls in my hair were not making it look good for the home team.

After my second failed attempt, I remember a Red Stick Naturals meetup attendee mentioned that she mixes her CES in order to get the glorious results she sported that day. I forgot what all she used for her mix, but I do remember her mentioning both of our beloved Eco Styler Gel.

In preparation for family photo session I sweated at the idea of trying just once more. Did I have other product options? Yes, but I refused to lose to cream in a jar! lol I threw on my mixtress hat and went to work.

CurlyHue's EcoSheaSouffle'


  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Shea Moisture Curling Souffle'
  • Eco Styler Gel (my favorite is the olive oil version, but I just used some Krystal I had around the house)


  1. In a bowl or empty jar add 1 Tbsp, Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  2. 1 Tbsp Curling Souffle' (optional)
  3. 4 Tbsps. Eco Styler Gel
  4. Mix well ( the mixture will be white even when applied, but once dried it will disappear)
  5. Apply to the hair (I shingled it onto each section of my freshly washed wet hair, then twisted)
  6. Let dry
Note: The Curling souffle' is optional, because I believe that the primary ingredients are the CES & Eco Styler


Rita Reinhardt said...

What were the results?

CurlyHue said...

Hi Rita! This Mixture is my "go to" styler. Photographed styles that are included in subsequent post (unless otherwise stated)were created with my EcoShea Souflee' mixture.

Anonymous said...

Would it be ok to had 2tbs of Jojoba oil?

CurlyHue said...

If you add the Jojoba, I suggest you use it in place of the Shea Moisture Souflee', because it's a bit oily.

Let me know how it turns out with the Jojoba, if you try it!

- L.

Anonymous said...

I tried a similar mix, I used alcohol free aloe vera gel and I added a bit of olive oil to mine. My twists come out super define and super shiney.

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