Monday, August 8, 2011

Natural Hair: Singer Monica Brown

I was on Twitter the other day, strolling down my timeline, when I noticed a tweet by Monica (@MonicaBrown). She shared a photo of her recent color & cut, and asked fans to share pictures of some of their hair choices.

Monica retweeted a fan's photo that happened to mention her hair was natural, while adding the comment, "Mine 2, stopped wearing perm 10 yrs ago. Im hiding from the rain NOW...Lol".

Hold the phone! 10 years?! I've loved Monica since the beginning, and have watched her styles change by length & color...even copying a few. NEVER would I have guessed that her hair wasn't relaxed. I would LOVE to know how she keeps her taper so sleek, how she keeps her hair healthy while coloring...I've got questions, lol.

This makes me wonder, just how many more are there, of our favorite celebrities rocking their natural texture?


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