Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life After...The Big Chop: Candice

I want to feature from time to time, the natural hair story of others. Whether it be there Transition, Big Chop, TWA or Yearling experience. I've decided to kick things off with a Big Chop feature, from my sister! I got a message on FB one night that said, "check your phone". When I did, I found pictures of my sister from just after her BC. I screamed! I had no clue that she was even considering going natural. So without further ado, here's Candice's Life After the Big Chop.

*When did you do the Big Chop?
May 13, 2011 {Friday The 13th to be exact, lol} and it's funny because it was TOTALLY unexpected. I was sooooo against cutting it early because I was afraid it was gonna be too short, I kept telling my friends I'm not ready yet!!

*Did you transition? If so, for how long & what inspired you?
Yes I transitioned for about 3 months, what inspired me was the fact that I wanted healthier hair. My hair grows really fast but once it get's to a certain point it starts to thin and break off, I had hair all over my clothes and the bathroom sink whenever I would comb my hair which lead me to cut it all the time (other than I just like the way short hair looks on me)

*What are your staple products?
Being that I'm just getting my toes wet in the natural hair relem I don't have "staple" products yet. But I do have some that I like so far, Kinky Kurly Knot-Today leave in, Kinky Kurly Curling Custard, Eco-styler EVOO gel, and some Carol's daughter products (Tui oil & Tui Smoothie)

*What's your regimen?
Don't really have one of those yet either, I'm trying but haven't quite gotten it down yet. Especially since my hair is in the "In-between" stage...it's quite irritating, lol

*Do you have a bedtime routine?
I have always tied my hair up when it was relaxed so I try to stick w/that. I know that when I first thought about going natural I was like, I don't have to do my hair anymore, I can just get up and go...hahahahaha, yea right. I do more to this hair than I did when my hair was permed. Lol

*What are your hair goals?
My hair goals are to grow my hair and strengthen it. I want it long, thick, curly, and flowing... So I can whip my hair back and forth like Willow Smith.

*How has your decision to rock your hair in its natural state been received by friends & family?
Well of course when you do different things from the norm you are going to be met with a little resistance, but now that it's done I am surprised that most of the compliments I received have been from strangers or people I'm just really getting to know. My husband loves it and some people in my family.      


*What do you love most about your TWA?
That it's so curly and cute

*What's the one thing that has been the most helpful since beginning your natural hair journey?


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Coretta said...

Yay Candice!! Great interview LJ! Headbands are our friends aren't they? Lol! You look marvelous!

C.J.Lodge said...

Thank you Coretta!!

L. J. said...

Thanks Coretta! Is YOUR feature next?? lol

There are several categories, just check out the "Be Featured" page to see if one interests you :)

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