Monday, September 1, 2014

Following the Maximum Hydration Method My Way

Four months ago I experienced what I feel had been a major setback in my hair care. I decided then to take a thorough look at the my regimen over the years, to do somewhat of a process of elimination. Taking things back to products & processes that I knew from experience my curls would thrive with, and eliminating the rest. During this time, I also became aware of the Maximum Hydration Method so I started experimenting with that in late-July. To be perfectly honest, just looking at the 5-step process can seem overwhelming. Try it anyway, your curls will thank you. Also, once you get the hang of things, you may notice that it actually gets easy. The first seven days are the most intensive. Think of it as an "initiation". Once you "cross over" you'll see what all the hype is about. Just a thought but...if you're married Football season is a great time to start, while your husband is busy watching the game! My MHM regimen is varied in some ways from the original, so be sure to visit and for the methods original recipes and also videos.

Here is my 5-Step Maximum Hydration Regimen as follows:

I apply my clarification mixture to dry hair, and only leave it on for 10-15 minutes under a processing cap.

After rinsing out my clarification mixture, I whip up my Deep conditioner in a bowl and apply. I then finger detangle, put on a new processing cap and use my soft bonnet dryer for about 15-20 minutes then rinse.

Next, I apply my clay treatment in sections then put my processing cap back on for 25 minutes or longer (If I have errands, I've been known to throw on a scarf or a hat with my clay treatment still in).

I thoroughly rinse out the clay treatment and separate my hair into 4 to 5 sections. I then take my first section and separate it again. First I spray it with warm water from my water spray bottle to make sure it's soaking wet. Next, I spray that same section with my leave-conditioner, then smooth in the gel from root to tip. I follow this process for each mini section. Once my entire head it complete, I usually shake my head from side to side a few time to remove excess moisture. Five steps done!

Cherry Lola Treatment:

Every two to three weeks I do a Cherry Lola Treatment (leaving on for 25-45 minutes before rinsing). If you're just starting the MHM, for your first time do the CLT in the place of your "step one". When the time rolls around again for the CLT, be sure to use it in the place of your step one then too. Step 2-5 remain the same.


  • Prepare all your mixes prior to getting start that days wash day.
  • Label each of your containers! Include: The step the container is for and also the ingredients and their amounts for the mixture. 
For Step 1 I use a bottle with a spouted top. Mix it in a bowl first, then transfer to the bottle. 
For Step 2 & 3 I use a bowl. 
For Step 4 I use a 12 oz spray bottle. Mix it in a bowl first, then transfer. 
For Step 5 I use Hello Curly straight from its pump bottle, if I use KCCC instead I add the gel to a 3oz jar purchased from Sally then add water.

  • Process caps and hair clips will make everything easier. I only use about two caps each wash day. If you prefer you can use a shower cap instead...but processing caps are my preference. Do what works for you.
  • MHM has an approved conditioner, gel and clay product list. This would be the perfect time to put your product junkism to bed, as you only need 3 store bought products. FYI: If you like to DIY a homemade flax seed gel can serve as your step 5.
Aside from the ingredients I purchase for my clay treatment and Cherry Lola, the only products I use are:
Kinky Curly Knot Today and Hello Curly or Kinky Curly Curling Custard (diluted KCCC). Oh and also Kinky Curly Perfectly Polished to fluff out my hair once it dries, but that's totally optional.

  • Invest in a real satin or silk scarf or bonnet. It makes a difference in maintaining your moisture levels. SharmoozEboniCurls, Flor Bella Boutique and others have great options.
  • If you prefer, you can do all steps in the shower or maybe only hop in the shower to rinse out step 3 proceeding to steps 4 & 5 while you're already there like I do.
  • Take a close look on the MHM website at all the options available for Step 1 to decide which may be the best fit for your hair.

If you have questions specifically about my time using this method let me know! For all other questions be sure to visit the dedicated MHM website that's choked full of info.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oyin Handmade to Arrive at Target Spring 2014

Oyin Handmade is slated to make its Target debut next Spring! How exciting is that? Oyin isn't a "new kid on the block" by far in the naturally textured hair community. Many of us have purchased their products via select specialty stores (like Naturally Me Hair Store in B.R.) and online, for some time. Honey Hemp Conditioner is one of my faves, while Burnt Sugar Pomade is a fave of the hubby's. I truly hope that one of the Baton Rouge Target Super Centers is on their list of carriers! Congratulations Jamyla, Pierre and the honeybees!

Have you treated your curls to Oyin? If so, what's your favorite product from the line??


Southern U's Naturals: Kickin' It 80's Style

I'm taking a hiatus from my hiatus by heading to SssssssU! The Southern University Natural Hair Club is hosting a 80's themed natural hair pageant, on Tuesday November 5th and yours truly will be serving as one of the judges. The showtime is 7:00 p.m. in the Cotillion Ballroom and is open to the public, so come out to this free event to support the Jaguar curlies! See you there :-)

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